Agnes Pelton Society








Mission Statement



February 10, 2012
Mission Statement:    The Agnes Pelton Society is an organization established to promote the life, art, and legacy of American Artist Agnes Pelton (1881-1961).
Goals:  To establish a group of scholars and patrons who support the promotion of accurate information about  American modernist Agnes Pelton (1881-1961).  To centralize information related to exhibitions, publications, invited presentations, conference papers, events, and activities related to Pelton’s life and work.  To support arts-related events, such as the production of Bringing Light to Life:  Agnes Pelton, One-Woman Show, a theatre production.  To promote the establishment of a future Agnes Pelton Museum in Cathedral City.   And, to encourage continued efforts to establish Pelton’s reputation and stature among the nation’s exceptional 20th-century artists.
Established:  This  organization was established in January 2013.
Organization:  The Agnes Pelton Society will have an advisory board of at least five elected individuals:  Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer,  Events Coordinator, and one member-at-large.   
Membership:   Founding members of the Agnes Pelton Society are:  Peter Palladino,  Simeon Den, and Nancy Strow Sheley.